Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning is vital for the transition from savings in your earning years to spending in your "What you want to do" years.

Financial Planning is an annual process that redirects your focus for retirement planning from stressing about financial markets and returns, to areas you can control that will help you reach your financial goals. We organize your hopes and dreams into achievable financial goals. We help you achieve these lifetime financial goals by meeting with you once a year. Each year we meet to update your financial status, review your goals, discover more ways to reduce stress concerning your retirement process and learn how to get to your "what you want to do" years. Our desire is to build relationships with people who want help in achieving their lifetime financial goals.

  • The first step of Financial Planning is critical because it requires information to build a workable plan.
  • While, Financial Planning focuses on retirement, we see Financial Planning as a process and retirement as a transition. Everything you do now affects how much is saved for the transition from saving to spending. Our task is to guide you through the whole process so you have a higher probability of meeting your own expectations during your spending years or your "what you want to do" years.

The Financial Plan Process

  • The initial meeting is a no cost, no obligation opportunity to explain the Financial Planning process.
  • The first meeting, we review all of your financial data and clarify your financial and non-financial goals. This meeting is aproximately two hours long.
  • The second meeting, we will take time to go over the whole plan and make adjustments to your goals so we can reach a higher probability of success. This meeting is aproximately two hours long.
  • In the third meeting, your Financial Plan will be delivered and any final questions answered.
  • Review meetings occur every 12-18 months after your third meeting. We will update your financial information, discuss your goals and look at new strategies that can protect you depending on your stage of life.

Areas that we cover during Financial Plan Reviews

  • We continue to work on the overall financial planning mindset, which involves making decisions that will help to provide a worry free retirement.  It basically comes down to making decisions now that will give you more options during your "what you want to do years".  This in turn will give you more freedom and dignity during your retirment years.
  • We update your investments, your financial and nonfinancial goals.
  • We look at your ratio of taxable to taxfree distribution investments.
  • We look at ways to help you to not run out of income.
  • We look at ways to help protect your assets from Health Care Costs.
  • We look at strategies to potentially maxmize your social security potential.
  • We look at ways to help pass more of your hard earned savings to your kids verses the government.
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck