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401k/403b Consulting

401k/403b consulting is an area that I am very excited to offer.  It is subjective and depends on the needs of a client relationship. We have found that we can do planning and wealth management for our clients, but the majority of their assets end up being in their 401k/403b retirement plans that they manage themselves.  One situation of needs is when a client relationship is within 5 years of retirement, if the market takes a down turn, then that can affect their lifestyle financial plan.  We can help consult two times a year and make allocation changes that fit their lifestyle financial plan and their current wealth management strategy.  Another situation would be if a client relationship does not feel comfortable with making the investment decisions in their 401k/403b plan.  We can consult twice a year and provide allocation changes throughout the year.  Per ERIS regulations the advisor on a 401k/403b plan cannot give investment advice to employees.  

The pricing for this service ends up being less than our full fee because the client has to do some of the work and we have to consider the fees currently in the 401k/403b plan.  They need to provide us with performance, plan fee structure and make all the changes after the recommendation.  We cannot make the changes for the client relationship.

We do not offer 401k/403b consulting after retirement. There are too many changes when a client relationship moves from accumulation to distribution. The allocations change, the strategy changes, and there is a need for RMD calculations. The specific investments become very important once a client relationship is taking money out to spend.

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