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Small Business Planning

I am very passionate about helping small business survive, and I have personally experienced what they go through.  My wife’s business currently has about eight employees and is working through COVID-19 issues like everyone else.  I experienced her transition when she bought the business from her father.  When her father owned the business in 2008, I experienced the heart ache of going from 25 employees down to 6.  Because of these experiences, I want small businesses, like my business and my wife’s, to succeed and be efficient. I am specifically passionate about working with women business owners, because I have seen what my wife goes through as a business owner.

First of all, I am not a big fan of generic terms.  For example, when the media uses the word corporations, most people think about big companies like Best Buy or Nike.  However, the majority of corporations are small businesses made up of S corporations and C corporations.  The other generic term is small business.  Most people think about mom and pop shops of around 5-10 employees but the retirement plan industry counts any business with less than 100 employees to be a small business. 

Our definition of small business is 50 or less employees and we focus on this size so we can develop relationships with the owners and employees.  Our definition of small business includes S Corporations, C Corporations, LLCs and sole proprietors.  

We can help small businesses in the following areas: 

  • retirement plans
  • individual health insurance
  • individual or company owned life insurance
  • tax efficiency

Retirement plans are the biggest service that we offer.   We are different because we not only help the employer with the compliance of retirement plans, but we also work directly with the employees.  ERISA governs 401ks to help employees save for retirement, but ERISA also prevents financial advisors from giving specific investment advice to employees. These two areas are conflicting.  So instead of giving advice on investments, we meet individually with employees and help them put together a financial plan.  We are also different because we have fixed pricing based on the number of times an employer allows us to meet with employees.  The fixed pricing allows us to get paid for our time, but also keeps the cost down as the plan grows.  Because of our model, we typically do not change the retirement plan right away.  We evaluate how the plan is used over the next year and determine if there are any changes that would make the retirement plan more efficient.

By providing individual health insurance, we can help your employees that are terminated and we can help those employees that need insurance when they retire.

Life insurance is very helpful when there are partners or if you want to protect a spouse in case of an untimely death and you don’t have a buy sell set up.

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