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College Planning Information

These are things you might want to learn about concerning college planning.

Understanding what loans are available for college planning.

Understanding tax credits concerning college planning.

Understanding the Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA Form)

Using a sample FAFSA calulator.

We want you to have this information whether you decide to work with Thompson Financial Transitions or not. However, we have strategies to help apply the information from each of these areas to help plan for your specific family situation.

We act as a third party consultant to your student. We help them pick a college based on criteria that will help them get a job after they graduate and with a strong understanding of how student loans work. We help the student and parents understand how picking a college will affect the overall family and other children in the family.

We help parents understand how to work with Private Colleges and provide specific information that will be helpful with the process of picking which Private College could be a fit financially and non financially during the application process.

We help parents understand the opportunities to get their student into a Private College for less than a public school price. We help the parents understand the potential benefits of a Private College.

  • Possible lower cost.
  • Focus on graduating in four years.
  • Travel Abroad Programs built in to tuition.
  • Job placement ratios.
  • Job networking and alumni support.

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