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Small Business Retirement Plan Services

Client Centered

Because of our belief that the number one benefit to a retirement plan is to be prepared for the retirement transition, we focus mostly on what employers and employees can do to help protect their retirement hopes and dreams. We will work with the retirement plan you have in place. We prefer to work with companies of 40 employees or less so we can build a relationship that will focus on what to do for retirement instead of what the market is doing. We can also offer other retirement plan options if there are more efficient plans available.

  • For Employers

    • Our objective is to help employers by providing all the options necessary to comfortably offer a retirement plan as a benefit. We help employers to be prepared for possible changes caused by future legislation, review plans for lower costs and offer options to make administration easier.
    • Part of our job is to make sure as the fiduciary of the plan, you have documented everything you will need in case of an audit by the IRS or Department of Labor
    • In past audits, we have worked hand in hand with the plan administrator to verify the owner had all the documents and documentation necessary for their audit.
    • We meet annually with business owners to make sure they have these documents up to date and offer any additional information that may benefit the owner.
    • Our goal is to become part of the benefit that you offer your employees concerning your retirement plan.
  • For Employees

    • Our biggest focus as financial advisors is to inform employees and owners about what it takes to help reach their retirement hopes and dreams.
    • We have a series of informational meetings to help employees understand key areas of preparation for retirement.
    • We also have projection software to help employees see if they are on track for their retirement plan.
    • Participants are contacted six months after their annual meeting by email to determine if they have any questions or concerns.
  • For Administration

    • We help you determine a efficient and tactical based retirement plans that fit your company and the number of participants.
    • The majority of plans we work with offer payroll options that can make yearned reporting and administration easier for the retirement plan administrator.

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